Google Is Shutting Down Business Profile Sites

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Next month (March 2024), Google will shut down over 20 million Google Business Profile websites.

Google provided this service as a quick way to generate a website using information from your Google Business Profile.

If you have a business website created with this Google website builder, you’ll need to find an alternative. We’ll help you do that in this article. Note that Google Business Profiles will continue to function as usual. The profiles themselves will not be shut down.

In fact, you’ll want to keep your Google Business Profile because it offers significant local SEO benefits.

Google’s websites were a great solution for mom-and-pop businesses worldwide:

🌟 They were completely free!

🌟 They were super quick and easy to make!

🌟 They were updated automatically based on the changes made to the Business Profile!

🌟 They increased the business’ online presence. These free, simple websites helped businesses improve their SEO without requiring any money, time, or energy. No wonder 27.4+ million businesses opted in to make one!

Google Business Sites

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Here’s what you need to know about the shutdown of Google Business Profile websites, as reported by Google.

  • The websites will be shut down in March 2024.
  • Visitors who click on your website domain will be redirected to your Google Business Profile (GBP).
  • The redirects end on June 10, 2024. After that date, when visitors click on your website URL, they’ll see a 404 error message.
  • If your Google Business Profile website had a domain ending with or, those domains will be removed from the website field on your Google Business Profile.
  • Google recommends you “update your Google Business Profile to point to a new website”.

Do I Need a Website?

You may wonder, “If I have a Google Business Profile, do I need a website?”

A business website can be a crucial factor in ranking well.

Here’s why.

  1. Get Listed in Business Directories: If you have a website, you can submit it to business directories. These listings are a recognised ranking factor, and the process ensures your business information is accurate across the web, including in vehicle GPS systems.
  2. Boost Your Business’s Online Visibility: Google weighs the “prominence” of a local business when ranking it, and considers directory listings as part of this calculation.
  3. Reassure Shoppers: Around 76% of shoppers assess a business’s online presence before physically visiting. So, having a business website, Google Business Profile, and directory listings work together to attract prospects.

Profiles and landing pages are no replacement for a bona fide website. Directory listings like Google’s Business Profile feature make it difficult, or even impossible, to embed analytic tracking codes, customise the user experience, or perform any worthwhile pay-per-click campaigns—especially retargeting campaigns. They just don’t compare to the unlimited flexibility of a website.

How Do I Replace My Google Business Profile Website?

Since the Google Business Profile websites being shut down were free, we’ll assume you’re looking for a free or low-cost option for a business website.

While many website builders are out there, some lock you into their built-in web hosting. You can’t switch to a new web host if your site loads slowly.

A website builder is software that makes it easy for beginners to create websites. No coding knowledge is needed.

WordPress to the Rescue

Because speed can impact your rankings, we recommend using WordPress.

For decades, WordPress has been the standard for user-friendly website building. And because it’s so well-established, you’ll get access to thousands of plugins to add functionality to your site.

WordPress also offers themes. These are pre-built visual designs you launch by clicking a button. You can change your theme at any time. There’s no need to hire a web designer.

And if you ever want to hire someone to work on your WordPress website, you’ll find it’s one of the most common skills among web professionals. We can definitely recommend you some good ones.

Custom, Static, Bespoke One-Page Websites to the Rescue

Most small businesses require just a simple page with basic info and a contact form, similar to what Google offered. Not a cluttered platform with 80 plugins installed.

Optimise Your Website for Local SEO

Once you’ve replaced your Google Business Profile website, optimising it for SEO is crucial. That’s where we come in.

We have been with Quick Brown Fox for several years, and they have put our website in the fast lane! We are in a very competitive space and our rankings have continued to improve every year we have been with them.

They know everything there is to know about Search Engine Optimisation and always have an answer to any of my questions within minutes of me reaching out to them.

KM Property

Quick Brown Fox came through in the clutch and went above and beyond to help grow our online presence. They outlined a path forward to help us create content – then ranked for that content and increased traffic to the site! Great results and terrific service.

Our organic traffic has more than doubled! Highly recommended to any business owner that wants more traffic and leads.

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Great customer service and care, we highly recommend them to get your SEO on track.


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