A Bird’s Eye View of the SEO/CRO/Funnel Optimisation Process

Disclaimer: This is a CRO breakdown for a recent client, trying to explain the SEO/CRO funnel and the drop barriers. It’s a nice bird’s eye view for the whole SEO/CRO/funnel optimisation process.

110 Metres Hurdles
110 Metres Hurdles

There are a number of obstacles for any user to reach your site.


Let’s assume 100,000 users see your site in Google when searching for your target keyword. Now, because your site is or is not optimised for the respective keyword, these users might miss it, or might not reach it, or might decide to scroll past it. Only 10% will click on your site, based on your title, your description and, optionally, your schema details (prices, reviews and so on).


That’s 10,000 and that’s a fortunate scenario.

Based on their initial point of entry — the homepage, a landing page or an internal page — only 10% of these users will stay on your site and click through. Why? Because your copy is not convincing enough, your colours are too weak, your brand is confusing, or simply because it’s not the right match for them. They will go back and resume their search on Google.


You now have 1,000 users who decided to click through. You have a call to action on every page, don’t you? You have a contact link or a search function, don’t you? If not, you’ll lose them.

Do you have more than one call to action? Do you offer any alternatives? Are you selling products or services? Do you have an accessible showcase page or gallery or product listing?


Only 10% of these users will actually go through your call to action and browse the rest of the site. That’s 100.


Out of these 100 users, only 10 are actually going to purchase a service, a product or turn into a lead.

Make the slightest mistake, and you lose half of them.

We have been with Quick Brown Fox for several years, and they have put our website in the fast lane! We are in a very competitive space and our rankings have continued to improve every year we have been with them.

They know everything there is to know about Search Engine Optimisation and always have an answer to any of my questions within minutes of me reaching out to them.

KM Property

Quick Brown Fox came through in the clutch and went above and beyond to help grow our online presence. They outlined a path forward to help us create content – then ranked for that content and increased traffic to the site! Great results and terrific service.

Our organic traffic has more than doubled! Highly recommended to any business owner that wants more traffic and leads.

Charles McCarthy

It is difficult to hire an SEO specialist that delivers results, but that is what we have found with Quick Brown Fox. They are attentive, responsive and more importantly move the needle to help us drive sales.

Great customer service and care, we highly recommend them to get your SEO on track.


Quick Brown Fox

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